2nd Annual Serious Moonlight Benefit Concert

River City Extreme

Saturday March 31st 2018 7:00 pm –  10:30 pm

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Let's dance! 


Join us at River City Extreme for a night of music with The Band that Fell to Earth, as they perform and celebrate the music of David Bowie. This is an ALL AGES event. 
(We know everyone won't be able to attend. We are also accepting donations online or by mail. )

About the project:
We will put together an evening of music, dancing, and a message from Esmé Rodríguez, School Equity Director- Youth & Schools Program at OutFront, MN, who will be in attendance at the event and available to talk with attendees.

Our allied community members will use their networks to reach out to friends, family and community members in Greater MN to come together in order to learn more about the needs of LGBTQ youth in our state, especially in rural areas where resources are scarce, if any at all. We are estimating a crowd of 200 and certainly hope for more!

We know that 40% of homeless youth identify as LGBTQ. And in a state where the winters can be deadly due to the frigid prolonged temperatures, we cannot afford to have these kids fending for themselves and on the streets.

After the rental space and promo materials are covered, we will donate 100% of the money that we raise to the Youth & Schools Program at OutFront MN. The Youth & Schools Program works with LGBTQ youth and GSA groups all over MN. They provide support and safe activities for kids, many of whom have been thrown out of their homes by unsupportive or abusive families. They also provide staff and administrator trainings on LGBTQ youth for K-12 Public Schools all over MN and are also getting requests from border state areas, such as the St. Croix River Valley. This department of TWO staff members works tirelessly to ensure that LGBTQ youth are supported, valued, and provided opportunities to excel intellectually and emotionally, and to find empowerment within themselves to achieve their future goals as whole human beings.


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River City Extreme

3875 School Blvd, Monticello, MN 55362R, USA

Map of Event Location